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Ok so, now I’m a liar?

May 6, 2009

I lost my entire post. Sigh.. It started  here   will get back later.

Also in the mean time serve yourself with some retarded articles such as

Shame of India


NGO’S in India? Don’t let me open my jaw. Individual contributions? ? Some live in poverty and some live off poverty!


30-Word Movie Review: Hitler, The Rise of Evil

May 5, 2009

Historically incorrect, Americanized, childish portrait of Hitler – serving solely as a sadistic punishment to those who are interested in his point of view.

I don’t blame the makers, I blame Hitler!



It’s a Filthy Word Love!

May 4, 2009

In these unhealthy days of Mexican swine flu’s, election fevers and nauseating movie releases I find myself bedridden and suffering from a somewhat similar tragic disease that made my dear friend Dev go into a sweet odorous delirium.

One click and I got infected with this rather peculiar virus. Hospitalized and broken down I realized I had fell victim to the softspokeness and charm of the object of my obsession, to his arguably interesting views on Sonia Gandhi and enlightenment. To his exclamations of which you’re just like a parrot.   the only one is I dare to share with you.

Oh, Behold.  My new crush:



U. G. Krishnamurti, isn’t he a doll!



(On a serious note, do you believe in love or is it indeed just mere lust?)

30-Word Movie Review: Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

May 3, 2009


Captivating and haunting. Buda as sharm foru rikht by 18 year old director Hana Makhmalbaf is an absolute, cinematographic, risky, no-nonsense gem. A welcome relief to those movies dictating what we should feel!



30-Word Movie Review: S. Darko

May 3, 2009

Liquid floating wormholes. Different director, different experience. There are no second chances. No viral triumphs. No sequence should survive.  Though, aren’t sparrows supposed to bring back the living?

See you back in time!



Back to posting

March 17, 2009

Yes, yes – there still needs to be done a lot of decoration but… I’m back to posting. POW!